So, I mentioned somewhere that I’ve been travelling a lot recently, didn’t I? That was in my cards last years. I don’t complain at all. I love travelling. Funny enough, I started feeling good at the airports. They are everything, but a stressful experience in my mind. Arrive on time, take coffee, check what’s new in shops, read something, have a good nap in a plane…. That’s what I recall the first when I think about airports and flights. Nevertheless, I am sure I’ll remember something different about my last flight. 

There I am, entering among the last as usual, looking for my favourite aisle seat and boom… There it is… but not empty! A person sitting in the middle seat, lifted a   seat arm she should share with me and except using all her space, she is using several centimeters of my seat, as well… And she cannot move elsewhere, but more on my seat….

What to do? At first I felt sorry for her and the remaining space was enough for me so I decided to sit there while taking off. Then I thought I could move later on if another one would be available. At the end of the day, it’s just 2 hours flight to Atlanta. Hopefully, it’ll be better on the way to Europe :). I don’t know why, I felt kind of embarrassed when I had to ask the lady to move a bit so that I catch my belt. No reason, but that’s how I felt.

The seat belt fastened, crew is still not closing the doors and that’s why I am not moving on an empty seat close-by. A minute later a baby quite away of us started crying. There was a man around his 30’s, sitting in our row by the window. He commented: “This is the worst what can happen during a flight; a baby crying.” And my neighbour that I felt sorry about a moment earlier, showed how big heart she had and replied: “You were reading my mind…. This will be a looong flight….”. Needless to say that I instantly stopped feeling sorry for her. Needless to say that the baby stopped crying quickly …. And even if she hadn’t…. It’s a baby’s cry….  A little human being needs something and can’t say it differently….

Crew closed the doors, I quickly moved to the empty seat and chatted most of the flight with a lovely and interesting gentleman who was on his way to Brazil.

I used to joke that overweight fee shouldn’t be charged based on luggage weight, but based on overall weight (person+luggage).

Jokes aside, but shouldn’t those who use 2 seats, pay both of them?

At first, companies shouldn’t let them sit on a normal seat. Yes, probably a part of the problem lies in likes of me who do not complain in such situation, but airlines shouldn’t put passengers in the position to need to sort it out themselves, either. I am not a lawyer, but I can bet that just a sentence in T&C would solve the problem. And probably, this wouldn’t have tickled my mind this much if the obese lady hadn’t been heartless with her comment on the baby’s cry.


What I’ve seen so far, I’d say that Irish do not glorify their famous citizens. They can love them, they can madly support their athletes, they might know lyrics of their musicians’ songs by heart and backwards, but I’d say they consider their VIPs as “someone alike” and that’s how it should be.

Yesterday, an Irish lady made me laugh loudly while I was driving and listening to the radio. She complained that Bono’s peahen started visiting her garden. She knows the peahen is Bono’s because she called Garda and they told her the bird was his. Garda didn’t want to do anything because it’s, apparently, been happening for a while and they wouldn’t waste more time on it since they’ve already spent enough :). The peahen doesn’t have a bono vox and is not trained to use a toilet which makes her an annoying guest :). It was night time and she went to Bono’s house, called on interphone and reported the visitor, but apparently, the security asked if she could keep the bird over night. To shorten the story, she gave some food to the bird, the bird left at some point, but came back later on.

Hearing this, I almost cannot say anything against the group who protested on Glastonbury concert inviting Bono to start paying taxes in Ireland for the part of the business he moved abroad. At the end of the day, Gardaí spent some time and consequently tax money, chasing his peahen. Then he should contribute with the same percentage as I do :). Jokes asside, Ireland attracted lots of corporations years ago by reducing income taxes for them. Now, they shouldn’t be blaming others to follow the pattern.

Anyway, it was funny to listen to…. It was a step aside and distraction from all those serious conversations about recession and property bubble that happened here.

Follow Your Heart

It’s good to be home… my 2nd home…. Or Dublin became the 1st one since I arrived?

It doesn’t matter. What matters is that there are 2 places in the world where I feel at home…. It’s good to have that.

People tell me often that they consider me lucky, that I have great life or something along those lines. It’s probably because I smile a lot and have loads of energy. Thank you, Mother Nature for that, but don’t think my life is perfect.…. It’s not at all…. There were many ups and downs and there will be lots more, but why to focus on “downs” and complain to everybody arround? Lesson’s learnt (or not :-)) and let’s move on… with a smile…. It’s not always easy, but following the sunny side of the road helps. It makes life nicer and definitely, unpredictable.

If someone had asked me 20 years ago when I started studying, how my life would/should look like now, I’d have described a happily married high school teacher with 2 kids, living in the country where I was born.

I’ve never worked as a teacher, I’ve never been married, I don’t have kids, I moved abroad and I travel a lot. It’s neither bad nor good that it turned out differently. What is important is to be happy and I think that the only way to achieve it is to follow your heart. I’ve been doing exactly that so far. Ask me in 60 years now if I think it was a good choice.

That’s me.